Management waste companyIn 1995 the first roll-off truck is acquired by the company to meet the growing demand for construction materials waste container collection. Indeed, with the development created by investments in the Mont-Tremblant Resort and the growth of new buildings in the region, this area of working is increasing constantly.

The company ” Recovery and Container Services Miller Inc ” established in May 2000 acquires then the necessary equipment to meet the pace of customer renewed needs. Different types of containers are now available for rent and a new sales service, installation and collection of waste compactor is generated.

With the purchase of a front-end loader, a commercial collection circuit for the rental and weekly container collection are created to meet the needs of local customers. The evolution of this service expends and quickly the service territory, then concentrated in Mont-Tremblant, must broaden to meet the needs of merchants and restaurants of surrounding municipalities. This, for more than 200 long-term containers leases.

Management waste companyThereafter, the company proceeds with the purchase of several local businesses and its residential collection service is expanding to several other municipalities.

The request for recovery of materials expending, a contract is awarded to RC Miller to meet the needs of citizens by creating an ecocenter. A transshipment site allows the recovery of materials, wood, shingles, furniture, etc. which are then sent for recycling. Since the construction of this site, the contract is the rental and transportation of containers set up at different residential service points.

The RC Miller ecocenter is always in service for citizens, entrepreneurs and traders from all regions.

Since 2007, the company serves the collection and transportation of waste from several municipalities acquired through contracts with the Laurentian MRC and other directly acquired from the municipal level.

For several years, RC Miller has been concerned with the environment and has then developed dry materials processing methods. The owners wish to meet the growing demand of entrepreneurs by creating a complete recycling center that should be established in the summer of 2016.

” We are proud to create jobs and prioritize local acquisitions and investments. ”

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